Sample Drawings Overview

Our CADD products meet U.S. Department of Defense Military Standards (MIL-STD) & American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Standards.  The samples below illustrate our expertise with these industry standards.

Samples were produced by a CADD Drafter with a fair amount of imagination, turning either existing objects in inventory or purely conceptual objects into these “samples” in less than 40 man-hours without the input of the Project Engineer.

The following drawings are in compliance with MIL STD/ASME Y14.100 and subtier standards and are for demonstration of drafting standards only.

Click on an image to see it larger.


Helmet – Overview Design


Coffee Press Sample



Stove Adapter Ring


Cyber Glasses – Right Temple Design


Cyber Glasses – Left Temple Design


Cyber Glasses – Frame Design


M375 Series – Optical Guidance Package Mock-up


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